Thursday, September 3, 2009

Girl's Cry

This is the real story about life.
what did we all have been faced!


day of da party , is hard fi me to come.
da way of she's begging me to come,
desperate to come.
the hardess thing to mix.
candle light's blews out,
me n him sitting appartly,
fighting fi da love even ain't got no title.
frenship come first,
he taking the way lead him homie,
leaving u without anxiety when he saw u, into me.
sweetest time gift fi da sweet introduction.
first kiss u made me.
startin da journey wif da tears which waiting fi his lover's love.
leave da bright smile fi:
new age of love,
new life new love,
love fi all nyte,
love fi all time..

*still rememba da way of da first?

moral value, ripping wasn't a good way of game,
fight fi da bez, cory buddy, she's not fi ya.
she's da one who mkes u move.
n now, she's not fi us 2.
get up stand up,
money is honey,and honey is it fi money?
think's back gentleman.

peace, love n harmony!!

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