Saturday, July 11, 2009

a nyte at reggae bar wif me darla...
thx me love coz dare 2 spend da time wif me....
its greats..
da time dat i've been waitin..
me n me bez buddy, acap..
two couple in da club yaw..
its great even being hurt by da dj's..
shut it up..
da poster of robert nesta marley hung all over da wall..
da most important was, da poster of him wif da words "my music must go on"..
but, its being forget..
da sounds of reggae being erased by da dj's..
there were no more da song of mr.bob..
y all dats must happen?
even i'm goin to ask da dj fi da sound, but he still keeps play da others sound..
techno, r'n'b..
wtf was dat???????????????

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