Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jahmekya Studio

-Jahmekya Studio was owned by Mr.AYiN and was officially born on the 26 of February 2009 from the idea and brain child of Mr.AYiN & Mr.Chek Tea as his Right Hand Man.Jahmekya Studio is located at 135 2nd Floor,Jalan Beserah Kuantan near Soon Hin Motor and opposite the Winfast building. -The idea for this studio is born from the passion and devotion to musics and arts from these 2 young lads and inspired them to build their own business studio for expressing their musical and artistic ideas. -The reason why the name JAHMEKYA was chosen is because of Mr.AYiNs devotion to his favourite music,the music for the kings-Reggae.And as a tribute to the place where Reggae was born,Jamaica.,and to honor the King himself-Emperor Haile Selassie and the Great Albert Nesta 'Bob' Marley. -The plan for this studio is to provide a room for jamming session,computers and ps2 games for our customers to play. -Our studio will be opened from 0100pm to late morning depending on your needs,and the rates for studio is rm25 per hour,and for internet is rm2.50 per hour and for ps2 games is rm3 per hour.!! -And now we are in full service and you guys are invited to be a part of us.For more info please call 0199454588(ayin) or 0139777807(atan).Jah Bless.... ..