Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i can't imagine why i need 2 face it again!
hee, fi me brethren, i'm going to move my ass n traveling 2 ya homie!
y? myb dats da ans! i can see da changing, and its da best fi ya gewdness...
huhuhu.. "aku npk tpt 2 bersepah speti bese!"
myb da way u living ur life, still da same.
mybe, people get goin to be mature, but somehow, i still love da kiddo, me childhood its me everything.
fi certain people who see i'm crawling, i hopes ya know y! missing and facing da facts of life.
losing it, leaving it, breaking it, and smoke it. its me way, me journey, and i dun want it 2 happened again, and can't stand it! "aku msok kg kau lah, tpt kau ske selok na pg!" hahahahaha.. hm, to me beloved, i loves ya! ya'all, and you!
it just me, rasta, and what did rasta says?
he said he loves mary! mary jane's shoes? maryland? hahahaha, maryJ!
"aku taw kamu smua taw!" lets get going, fi da rebong!! again and again! fi me, i'm still me,

, dreading and wondering!!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

सरिता पकाई सम्पिं.

huhuhuhu... in the mownink of eid, me and me sistren we get goin and ready fi da day. while i was wearing me baju melayu, me sistren helps me out, she did help me to wear me sampin. and i was wondering, who's gonna help me to wear sampin when i'm goin to marry. hahaha.. who? where? n when? huhuhu.. its a long journey aiye, fi me, its early, da losing still in vain, i hope, ya can have ya great life with da upper class. peace! in other condition, at da 1st day, me n me step dad keep arguing which was the best, Tuah or Jebat, he's into Tuah and fi me, I'm into HANG JEBAT.huhuhu. the rebellious. i'm completely green at the 1st day. huhu.stand up wif new idea, waitin 2 be complete. H.A.C.K.S 2!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are the Peace Maker

nice up and big it up,
you reggae families are love, and i love you so much,
never too worry ok
have faith in jah
all jah children, were ever you are now,peace be with you all
black or white, the most thing in life, is one heart one head one mind and blood
but if you are reggae lovers, and you are bad ,changes
you are a killer, stop stop stop now, live good okey
pack up your load, out of lucifer the demons
then run to jah please ,you will be save
to be rasta, is not because you have dread lock, is the good thing that come out of you,
but the dread is the calling of rasta,many people have draed lock, but their mind is fool
of evil why, some of them ,when they smoke ,they went ahead to fight some one,
to become a rasta ,is not a day job , you know ,you have a dread lock ,and you are not
a rasta, please cut it down,because dread lock goes with good mind ,that is what make
you a rasta , rasta is not a child play, the real reggae families i love you all,
rasta dread locks ,i real believe in real rastamen, not dread lock people
JAH live for ever and ever ,
good life ,if you are a dread lock,from today change to rasta,
let your dread lock link with your mind,to be rasta, the calling

Song of life


Bend down low
Let me tell you what I know now
Bend down low
Let me tell you what I know, what I know, what I know

Long time, we no have no nice time
yeah, think about that
Long, long, long, long time, we no have no nice time
yeah, think about that, mm

One love, one heart
Let's get together and feel alright
One love, hear my plea, one heart
Give thanks and praise to the Lord, and I will feel alright

Simmer down, you lickin' too hot, so
Simmer down, soon you'll get dropped, so
Simmer down, man, you hear what I say?

After he
Breaks your heart
Then you'll be sad, so sad
And then your teardrops start
I tell you, then you'll know how
It hurts to be alone

Oh, what a (... feeling ...), what a feeling (... be blue)
Oh, what a feeling, oh, what a feeling
(Oh, what a feeling to be blue)
Have you ever had a lonesome feeling?

This was cause thru love and affection
This was cause thru love and affection
This was cause thru love and affection

Mm, feel them spirit
I'm gonna put it on
Feel them spirit
I'm gonna put it on

Yes, me friend
We're in the streets again
Yes, me friend
Dem set we free again ...

Robert Nesta Marley

Tomorrow, Yesterday , Today

Current mood: high
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural


tomorrow, world never b da same,
yesterday, its our mistakes..
thing of da past, 4get it today..

its us hardly to wake...
always da same thought, da same minded, da same thinkin style..
i want it change, fantasy world of change..
n dun be same i da reality...
its all bout us n ourlife..
in da reality, fantasy of da memory..
wake, stand up, dun give up..
greatness of fantasy,
weakness of bad memory..
happyness of memory..
fight in da reality...

make it turns beauty, never be cloudy..

mirol-rastafari unity..


i've got ur pain..
i've got me strength gain..
i've shelter u out da rain..
i've got da main..

i'm da 1 who gaveu da pain..
i'm da 1 who juz gain..
i'm da 1who's stop ur tears rain..
i'm da 1 who get da point at da main..

mainly.. i'm painin in ur rainin..
no pain, no gain,
i've juz remain in da rain...

peace love empathy!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009



a date that i'll never forget y!
a day, start wif da tears dat brought da joy among humanity!
nah woman, nah cry!!
simply read, hard to forget!
you. the only you.
thx fi giving all the bless fi all me life.
i'll give me faith to u.
begging, crying, loving, sharing, caring.
without u, me n i would never understands the acts.
talk is cheap.
thats what i've learned from your other greatest creature.
if we just knew what are begging, crying, loving , sharing and caring ;
we'll be a loser. down to earth earlier.
we all should experience the verb.
work fi the work's name!
lil'bit dizzy yaw.
me head was full of life, i'm not thinking about the happiness now.
thanks to all me frens dat listed as me brethren court, without them all, its hard fi me to reveal me self towards the life. hehehe.. mis all of me brethren courts ( not just the bong's brethren)
you know, who you are..
no name will be listed. either you, him, her, them or they.
you know who u are.
its all about the human being.
fi me, i'm just moving on, on this date, it will be me stone's fi me to jump over the worse
( jumpdafuckup)
thx to the people who let me lost becoz of the measuremento!
in the name of god, thx! syukran!


Monday, September 7, 2009

time will tell!

ding dong.,
clocks tickin... and the time. the arrivals.
we never knew when.
we just knew it y..
from the past apocalypse.
get up, get up , get up!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Girl's Cry

This is the real story about life.
what did we all have been faced!


day of da party , is hard fi me to come.
da way of she's begging me to come,
desperate to come.
the hardess thing to mix.
candle light's blews out,
me n him sitting appartly,
fighting fi da love even ain't got no title.
frenship come first,
he taking the way lead him homie,
leaving u without anxiety when he saw u, into me.
sweetest time gift fi da sweet introduction.
first kiss u made me.
startin da journey wif da tears which waiting fi his lover's love.
leave da bright smile fi:
new age of love,
new life new love,
love fi all nyte,
love fi all time..

*still rememba da way of da first?

moral value, ripping wasn't a good way of game,
fight fi da bez, cory buddy, she's not fi ya.
she's da one who mkes u move.
n now, she's not fi us 2.
get up stand up,
money is honey,and honey is it fi money?
think's back gentleman.

peace, love n harmony!!