Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i can't imagine why i need 2 face it again!
hee, fi me brethren, i'm going to move my ass n traveling 2 ya homie!
y? myb dats da ans! i can see da changing, and its da best fi ya gewdness...
huhuhu.. "aku npk tpt 2 bersepah speti bese!"
myb da way u living ur life, still da same.
mybe, people get goin to be mature, but somehow, i still love da kiddo, me childhood its me everything.
fi certain people who see i'm crawling, i hopes ya know y! missing and facing da facts of life.
losing it, leaving it, breaking it, and smoke it. its me way, me journey, and i dun want it 2 happened again, and can't stand it! "aku msok kg kau lah, tpt kau ske selok na pg!" hahahahaha.. hm, to me beloved, i loves ya! ya'all, and you!
it just me, rasta, and what did rasta says?
he said he loves mary! mary jane's shoes? maryland? hahahaha, maryJ!
"aku taw kamu smua taw!" lets get going, fi da rebong!! again and again! fi me, i'm still me,

, dreading and wondering!!


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