Sunday, September 20, 2009

सरिता पकाई सम्पिं.

huhuhuhu... in the mownink of eid, me and me sistren we get goin and ready fi da day. while i was wearing me baju melayu, me sistren helps me out, she did help me to wear me sampin. and i was wondering, who's gonna help me to wear sampin when i'm goin to marry. hahaha.. who? where? n when? huhuhu.. its a long journey aiye, fi me, its early, da losing still in vain, i hope, ya can have ya great life with da upper class. peace! in other condition, at da 1st day, me n me step dad keep arguing which was the best, Tuah or Jebat, he's into Tuah and fi me, I'm into HANG JEBAT.huhuhu. the rebellious. i'm completely green at the 1st day. huhu.stand up wif new idea, waitin 2 be complete. H.A.C.K.S 2!

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