Saturday, July 11, 2009

a nyte at reggae bar wif me darla...
thx me love coz dare 2 spend da time wif me....
its greats..
da time dat i've been waitin..
me n me bez buddy, acap..
two couple in da club yaw..
its great even being hurt by da dj's..
shut it up..
da poster of robert nesta marley hung all over da wall..
da most important was, da poster of him wif da words "my music must go on"..
but, its being forget..
da sounds of reggae being erased by da dj's..
there were no more da song of mr.bob..
y all dats must happen?
even i'm goin to ask da dj fi da sound, but he still keeps play da others sound..
techno, r'n'b..
wtf was dat???????????????

Sunday, July 5, 2009

get up, stand up!

people... nowadays, we been treat by da evil faces wif da words of peace..

but, did we get it? not even once... we can get our freedom...

we standing on our on feet but being chains on our feet..

wtf is dat.. we want a freedom... a unity n harmony world living without any sense of being catch up... legalize it people... get up, stand up.. fight for our right... dun let our lives being hold by da government... get up people.. lets move togehtha....

Friday, July 3, 2009


whuts up..
y must we end up our live like dis?
messy world... y can we b unite..
all of us..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Members of the Rastafari movement use cannabis as a part of their worshiping of God, Bible study and Meditation. The movement was founded in Jamaica in the 1930s and while it is not known when Rastafarians first made cannabis into something sacred it is clear that by the late 1940s Rastafari was associated with cannabis smoking at the Pinnacle community of Leonard Howell. Rastafari see cannabis as a sacramental and deeply beneficial plant that is the Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible. Bob Marley, amongst many others, said, "the herb ganja is the healing of the nations." The use of cannabis, and particularly of large pipes called chalice/bong is an integral part of what Rastafari call "reasoning sessions" where members join together to discuss life according to the Rasta perspective. They see cannabis as having the capacity to allow the user to penetrate the truth of how things are much more clearly, as if the wool had been pulled from one's eyes. Thus the Rastafari come together to smoke cannabis in order to discuss the truth with each other, reasoning it all out little by little through many sessions. They see the use of this plant as bringing them closer to nature. In these ways Rastafari believe that cannabis brings the user closer to the peace, faith in self and being thoughtfull after being smoked. While it is not necessary to use cannabis to be a Rastafari, some feel that they must use it regularly as a part of their faith. "The herb is the key to new understanding of the self, the universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness" according to Rastafari philosophy, and is considered to burn the corruption out of the human heart. Rubbing the ashes from smoked cannabis is also considered a healthy practice.