Tuesday, September 8, 2009



a date that i'll never forget y!
a day, start wif da tears dat brought da joy among humanity!
nah woman, nah cry!!
simply read, hard to forget!
you. the only you.
thx fi giving all the bless fi all me life.
i'll give me faith to u.
begging, crying, loving, sharing, caring.
without u, me n i would never understands the acts.
talk is cheap.
thats what i've learned from your other greatest creature.
if we just knew what are begging, crying, loving , sharing and caring ;
we'll be a loser. down to earth earlier.
we all should experience the verb.
work fi the work's name!
lil'bit dizzy yaw.
me head was full of life, i'm not thinking about the happiness now.
thanks to all me frens dat listed as me brethren court, without them all, its hard fi me to reveal me self towards the life. hehehe.. mis all of me brethren courts ( not just the bong's brethren)
you know, who you are..
no name will be listed. either you, him, her, them or they.
you know who u are.
its all about the human being.
fi me, i'm just moving on, on this date, it will be me stone's fi me to jump over the worse
( jumpdafuckup)
thx to the people who let me lost becoz of the measuremento!
in the name of god, thx! syukran!


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