Thursday, September 10, 2009

We are the Peace Maker

nice up and big it up,
you reggae families are love, and i love you so much,
never too worry ok
have faith in jah
all jah children, were ever you are now,peace be with you all
black or white, the most thing in life, is one heart one head one mind and blood
but if you are reggae lovers, and you are bad ,changes
you are a killer, stop stop stop now, live good okey
pack up your load, out of lucifer the demons
then run to jah please ,you will be save
to be rasta, is not because you have dread lock, is the good thing that come out of you,
but the dread is the calling of rasta,many people have draed lock, but their mind is fool
of evil why, some of them ,when they smoke ,they went ahead to fight some one,
to become a rasta ,is not a day job , you know ,you have a dread lock ,and you are not
a rasta, please cut it down,because dread lock goes with good mind ,that is what make
you a rasta , rasta is not a child play, the real reggae families i love you all,
rasta dread locks ,i real believe in real rastamen, not dread lock people
JAH live for ever and ever ,
good life ,if you are a dread lock,from today change to rasta,
let your dread lock link with your mind,to be rasta, the calling

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