Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a step over romanisms acts

as we all know that the word acts were acting as a minimum guidelines ( dasar )

did you still remember the roots of our conversations?

the winds blew positively, and the rain.

"why do we need to choose that 'dasar'?

dasar perlembagaan? dasar ekonomi baru? dasar laut which caused tsunami? dasar perhubungan kerjama antara negara?
dasar, dasar?

"dasar kurang ajar punya budak! " , kata pakcik 'husin' seketika perang.

"you were well informed that the city were closed because of that rally?  " , the sheriff were shouting at them, who were fighting through these communal actions.

the rains stop filling the river banks, and the sun rise between the wall.

"yeah," feeling like santana , singing song of freedom with the refugees.

"oh Maria Maria
She reminds me of a west side story
Growing up in Spanish Harlem
She's living the life just like a movie star".

the cage we closed, sealed. people were forced to choose this romanisms because of their weaknesses.

"to change, first you must change" , gandhi.


letters to julia ;
  i can see ye improvement to see to the world, it was nice to hear that you were hearing them.


romanisms , a state of civilization create by a man. who not knoweth that God is loveth.

acts ; 4;20? code e? federal constitution? money? commonwealth? schizorphrenia? genre? car? punk?

'tuhan' mereka kata, derhakan,
tapi tuhan yang sebenar kata apa?


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