Thursday, July 28, 2011

clicka kita akan bangkit.

"when you control the inside means you control the outside".

that's what i heard when i was inside a 'clicka' , when i was eager for a revolution, curing human kind, saving the kids from the war. and when i woke up from our bed, i noticed that i've missed a lot of things. rebreathing the war between the democrat, remembering the war against the diplomat, aristocrat. i heard that it was missing. something's missing.

an inner spirit will brought us far, reach far beyond ourselves. when there's a will, there's way. always remember, controlling is not about ruling, is about giving peace, sharing the love and spreading the word of GOD.

"ada tujuh lapisan luar, ada tujuh lapisan dalam, dan akhirnya sang semut patuh pada raja nya, solomon."

-ditekankan disini, hanya semut yang patuh pada raja, bukan manusia.

awas, peperangan hanya tinggal beberapa seketika.

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