Wednesday, November 10, 2010

healing, loving.

Healing is a thing to do feel healed.
While the love seem arriving,
Everything just like annoying,
But the peace in healing makes you smiling,
“oh.. I wonder..”
Wondering how was the wound?
Wondering how deep it was?
Wondering how sick it was?
Remembering the time when the love keeps fading,
Loving is nothing without sacrificing – keep trying
Sometimes, to be healed, we need a thing.
Remedy, medicine, and love,
Knowing that the remedy is pure,
Healing wounds with love and loving,
Somehow, it becomes a drug.
When we used to much drugs , overdrive it,
We became addicted..
The addiction just happens when we forgetting,
That the real remedies of heart – “Allah”.

And still, the pain is running in vain..

Morale values ; bila mana sesuatu pengubat menguasai kita, kita akan mula merasa ketagihan, dan bila ubat itu tiada lagi, yang tinggal hanyalah satu kemurungan. Luka akan terus luka, namun darahnya akan terhenti, pasti.
Rememba ; don’t take things too serius, SERIOUSNESS IS A SICKNESS!!!

Playlist ; gerhana ska cinta – cahaya, midnight in katari , good charlotte – wounded , bombskilla – far away, i-ness sufi dub project – come and kiss my soul, mediomad – kelam, m.nasir – keroncong untuk ana, radiohead – creep , ramli sarip – istilah bercinta ,  art company - suzanna

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