Friday, May 20, 2011

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 educational formula
(frankfurt's) + caliph method = liberation school.

9january2013 - an idea was brought out to promote beneficial education strategies. a cross-disciplinary action was taken in consideration as to evaluate and create new co-curriculum specification. at the early stage of this new developmental, some might said that this might be a job of marxinist-orthodox. it is because, this cross-disciplinary action was mixing the idea of frankfurt's school and the caliph method as a guideline. shall some people believe that this was made of from the discussion between KGB machinaries and those religious extremist , and after all, it just an idea of a society which believe that the communism should live like the right-wing. the school of anarchy might started to be develop at the early stage of this educational strategies to fulfill the global needs, plus as a production of tomorrow in reflecting future government as to balance the world and injecting equality goes as the basic of life. this educational strategy was created to help humanize the people, and about to create a harmonious situational learning environment. the founder of this projekt , the writer,  still sleeping in himself and finishing his research to complete the memorandum to be sent to the prime minister's office through multidimensional browser - internet browser,  using his own blog, bashijauburuk.

-artikle ini dipetik daripada kolum wad orang gila, zine para pelampaui mimpi. zine ini bakal diterbitkan sebelum tarikh penyatuan semula seperti yang di atas.

* yang sebenarnya, tak tahu nak buat apa, jadi tulis cerita sendiri , sendiri untuk orang lain, bukan untuk diri sendiri.. 2013 - 3703.

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