Sunday, February 7, 2010

i'm not ya slaves anymore.

malam trus menghantui. si pelat "s" semakin bertraburan, ( tahniah Abeleso), aku trus mewarnai jalur putih itu dgn warna bukit pelangi. bangkit, bangun, sudah tiba masa nya untuk kita umat manusia utk bangkit, bangun dari tido. belajar lah satu kehidupan melalui satu kehidupan. mengerti dalam sepi, jaringan peribadi manusisa semua, telahpun di sambung mengecil kembali, ( they had civilised us earlier than we knew).
building telah prison's life with the natures. watch out people, it is near 2 us. last nyte, the jugmentalist's angel had been called up to call the next person fi going back to the Creator, reaching next friday in fear. the called of death, in remembering the accident between waja and that mini-cooper, damn, why all of us just stood up and just the love lays dying. people, its the time to get up, wake up from the dream, this is not a test, this is the called. stop building the weaponary, stop paying the war and stop bonding the network cause u'll know whats the meaning of the arrivals. transpoter doing his best job, in sharing the same love. love is my religion!! lets start a true love all messiah. as a caliph, we should be ready and start to defends the right because the world war 3 had already begun. watch out mates, carnalismo, brethren and familia, our hero was near. lets us move towards the true freedom of life.

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