Monday, February 8, 2010

the call

this was about an accident which happened year ago. hurm.
still remember the last few call? the day u were out wif strangers.
is it all the lies u told me was the truth?
plz, dun let me cover me self wif the black cloud.
coz i've heard something dat makes me feel uneasy.
y did u not tell me truth?
y? its fi our own good cause this is not da way we should be.
remember, i knew it and i need u to tell da truth.
in hoping. depresing downself towards the worse part of life.
let we share the truth.
life is a risk carnal. it wouldn't be dat easy if we keep hiding it.
i knew u knew whut i mean.

*tribute 2 da sailor, olive and others.
~ currently listen 2 : warna yg hilang by no fixed root and penantian.


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