Sunday, February 7, 2010


far from here, there's only a few block, separating us far away ( nickelback).
now, everything become block. block to block and keep blocking. y, and y?
people keep building da most block in dis life and keep running from the sunlight.
living in fear of death making u fool, being unwanted by them and being forgotten. don't ya remember ya last word about this distance? thx fi making our's become like dis. i'll realy appreciate it. never forget, da butterfly did flew here, wif me in me arm.
definitely maybe i'm gonna forget, but not dat easy as u thought because, u n me were still bonding each other. n now, i'm on and u off. separated by dark and them.

*new campus were still in progress, carlsberg factory still working.
*many block along the highway.

mood ; roadblock

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