Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Is Humanity?

a compilation by resist exist rarechords , it was an absolute fucking punk compilations tribute to the kids of Palestine. Freedom for Palestine!!!!!!

2.The Bollocks - Malapetaka (old)
3.Troublesome - Tak Nak Perang
4.Attack Cholera - Tentang Si Zion
5.Discrusher -Victims Of War
6.Disconsent - Reality Asshole
7.Alcoholocrust - Human Fuck Off!!
8.Firstblood - Shadow Of Power
9.The Bollocks - Malapetaka (2008)
10.Troublesome - Why??
11.Attack Cholera - Politik Jahanam
12.Discrusher - Beginning Of Human Extinction
13.Disconsent - Fight the Right
14.Alcoholocrust - Destroy
15.Firstblood - War System (Shitlickers)

RM 10 Sahaja..

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