Thursday, September 8, 2011


1,500 People Rally In Lansing, MI In Support Of Medical Marijuana!!!


This afternoon some 1,500 people gathered in Lansing, Michigan to support medical marijuana in the state and protest the recent court ruling that banned medical marijuana sales in Michigan.
Patients in Michigan have been getting the short end of the stick ever since they passed their medical marijuana law in 2008. Law enforcement in many areas of the state have never accepted medical marijuana’s legitimacy and the recent court ruling is just an extension of that.

420timesget the green small 1,500 People Rally In Lansing, MI In Support Of Medical Marijuana

Estimates say at least 400 dispensaries and collectives have closed since the ruling, leaving tens of thousands of patients without safe, reliable access to their medicine.
And politicians in Michigan continue to demonize medical marijuana while doctors and pharmaceutical companies create legions of legal zombies.
[State Attorney General Bill] Schuette has argued marijuana is authorized in only very limited circumstances and medical use doesn’t include sales of marijuana. He’s called the appeals court ruling a “huge victory for public safety and Michigan communities struggling with an invasion of pot shops near their schools, homes and churches.”
What about all the pharmacies and bars and liquor stores near these homes and schools? All more dangerous than medical marijuana dispensaries, yet no one bats an eye, especially not Bill Schuette.
The political situation surrounding Michigan’s medical marijuana law reeks of hypocrisy, and patients are fed up. This rally will soon be just one of many popping up around the state. When government tries to repress the rights of the people, the people will respond.

People in Michigan responded today in Lansing.

- Joe Klare

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