Friday, December 9, 2011

as i reachced your table

this is the bed, u can have it while you were , as him talked to her who standing and looking at the wall painting.

"this is so remenisce' , said her. an island, coconut tree, and where the smiles are free!

a full day or journey must be tiring for them to catch the strange issues at bar tonight. "you can just have a rest in this nest and make yourself at home, homie.".

before we talk our walk to the bar, he start to change up his mind , politely to say to reconstruct their 'war-battle' strategy. "how about if we add some other song in the playlist and treat the night with full of love lying on them mind, shall we?"

swordsman replied, "i shall recommend that we facilitate the new environment, and should hit them with the love that we have remains inside our pocket".

a melody, an instrumental, and totally bumbaklatt for those potheads and pretty dready,

'ya man, irie for them when we blast that instrumental goodnight song at the bar before we close up.' , swordsman start feeling high and dance along with the vibes.

and at the bar, the pretty-corny-lil-winny were having some sort of 'hashis'. if you came to this homeland without having it, there must be something wrong with ye. its fucking legal!

the night goes on and off and currently they still sitting on that couch and put them ear on the table for the 'war-battle' until the general start to end the night.

"stay focus, and listen jah people, before we play this fucking last song, i shall persuade you to be strong to continue your journey which was written on your table, because, tonight goes the same as the 'midnight in katari'.

 malam dan bintang kita dulu, pernah jadikan cerita perang itu madah tidur kita dulu-dulu,
langit hitam, nyamuk, dan embun malam sentiasa melatarkan keadaan kita,
di tangga, di meja, di belakang sana, juga di tempat asmara papa,
bercanda, bersemuka semuanya cinta lalu bangkit menjadi syurga,
dan akhirnya kita ketemu di satu udara yang sama,
mengguling-keluar carta-sanskra lama kita,
untuk natijah seterusnya,

selamat siang bunga.

 and the melody keep killing those pretty heart with the love.

latar tempat ; coffee house, greenland, guesthouse,
latar masyarakat ; dreadlord housing neighbourhood,
tema ; membangkit kan kebencian,
mood ; diam tanpa apa-apa.

thanks to 4;20 malaysia.

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