Friday, February 4, 2011

how to make an apple bong?

-ini untuk para pejuang legalisasi ganja-

lesson 1, legalization.

at the end of the lesson, we should be able to make a natural bong with a fruity taste by using a type of fruit

1. You'll need an apple, a knife, a pen, and a piece of aluminum to build this particular apple pipe

2. Using the knife, core out the apple making sure that you do not puncture the bottom of the apple

3. Stick the shaft of the pen into the side of your apple pipe. (This will act as the mouthpiece of your pipe.) Remove any apple that became trapped inside the pen.

4. Take a piece of foil and poke a few small holes in the middle. Stick your foil screen into the apple

5. Enjoy the "fruits" of your labor and spark it up.

*kepada para "pengguna" ganja yang bijak sana, di minta anda tidak menyalahgunakan HERBA ganja ini.

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