Friday, January 14, 2011

mediomad - demo 2010

it was really hard for many ways..standing such for a lot of problems..but, finally we've finished it..thanx dear GOD..amin..

ok..straight for this contains 7 tracks including intro..this demo 2010 was called "revenge for friendship"..story about love, family, friends, life, scene and feel likes something that doesnt end yet..yeah..its revenge..revenge for everythings..

yeah..story about the track :

track 01 : intro + revenge
(this track was a story about someone that really in love and proud with his bestfriend..but, both of them betrayed him and it makes him depressed a lot..and because of this, the guy had planned something..its not about knife..guns..or blood..its about the darkness inside him that been arised..yeah..its killing him, the guy keep on standing for his revenge..he just killed his feeling..buried his feeling of love inside of side part of his heart..stand for his hate..dark..smiley faces and he walked through his way in trust of hate and revenge..never trust anyone..never do human..and so on, listen to his feeling in this songs.."revenge")

track 02 : kelam
(this song is story about a man that been dumped by his girlfriend..but, it doesnt matter..he cheer up his heart and stand with his brothers and family..yeah..friends was a malay songs..enjoy it.."kelam")

track 03 : nu-po
(the story about two friends that really close..happy..respect each other..but, something just because of some kind of shit we called idea and words..yeah..i hate it..why we be apart??..just respect others..we are human actually..not a god..dont judge someone because of his dress..his way through his own..his idealogy..his attitude..anythings..f**k..i really hate it!!.."nu-po")

track 04 : gerimis
(this is a malay song that story about keeping the was my dad..earlier, he had told me..'a man, will keep his promise until the end..until its was a man ur word!!believe it..keep it..hold it..every words of ur promises..'..and, i just wanna share it to u guys..keep ur promise!!.."gerimis")

track 05 : memory (re-track)
(memory..everyone have their own do us..this is our memory of life..of love..of friendship..of family..everythings..this songs was an expression from us about our memory for da past few years along this band have been was us, mediomad.."memory")

+ (plus 2 old-track)

track 06 : bunga yang layu (pollution)
(this song is about pollution..its not only in our environment..its in our heart..our mind..if you wanna keep ur hands clean up ur heart..ur mind..ur soul from those idiot f**king elements of shit..clean it up..clear it up..wash it up..those "pollution")

track 07 : seeing all over you (this is not plastic gangster)
(it just yon's expression about his past life..a vows and his life before..the, at the end..he smile all the way he walked..feel it...his "seeing all over you")

p/s : this demo 2010 just launched in october 2010 at kuantan..for those who really intrested to buy contact us..

*rm8 by hand / rm10 by post.
thanx for everythings..thanx for supporting us in this hard way..thanx again..cheers.

love and hate ~ mediomad
sila klik nama band. peace & lovey

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