Saturday, May 1, 2010

Art for all! Science for all! bread for all!

new wonders will come from science and change must come. time raises up volcanoes under old continents and time allows new feelings to grow. soon there will be neither cruelty nor exploitation, and science will provide all humanity enough with enough food. I dream of the time when science will give everyone enough to eat. Instead of the putrefied flesh which we are accustomed to eating , perhaps science will give us chemical mixtures containing more iron and nutrients than the blood and meat we now absorb...

with the abundance of nourishing food in that future world, there must be art, too. In that coming era, the arts will be for everyone. The power of harmonious colors, the grandeur of sculpted marble - they will belong to the entire human race. Ignorance has done enough harm. The privilege of knowledge is worse than the privilege of wealth.

The arts are a part of human rights, and everybody needs them. Neither music, nor marble, nor color , can by itself proclaim the new world. Who will sing out the art? Who will tell of the thirst for knowledge, of the ecstacy of musical harmonies, of marble made flesh, of canvas palpitating like life? Art, like science and liberty, must be no less available than food.

Everyone must take up a torch to let the coming era walk in light. Art for all! Science for all! Bread for all!

from ; Louise Michel, memories.

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