Tuesday, January 12, 2010

kwn2 yg msih x pndai berkawan

once upon a time, one of their friends, meet me and ask me. how bout he and his gal.. and i said, not my job to get to know bout it. and i move further, to the future and now i found that, the gal was wif the person who ask me. the person who ask me, now being wif the gal by forgeting the frenship between the gal's mate wif him. friendship as friendshit. thx mate. only true frens will become frens, while the "bangsat," will turn 2 be the best-frens who stab us. let just forgive their mistakes, but i will never forget bout dat. thx fuckin wankers.now i noe, who are trully to call frens. aiye mate?

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