Monday, April 25, 2011

next door, journalistas.

That night, it was only me, thinking and solving a solution on “how the other night was? “
Writing and writing, without any other skill. I was shock when I saw a system, educating the others to be that narrowed. It is just not what it is, do not simply judge the brick on the wall. We were just humans, still free to breath, exhaling carbon out of the nerve. 
Searching for other methodology, the educator itself was norm. He and she was sleeping in the class, English is not that hard, put yourselves to be. Like what she said , “I’m just a wanna be..”
Let go off on whom or whose, free. Seeing you smiling was making me feel like gone, rise up feel free to say my right go off from my breath to the witch which in the pink of health. But when there was anxiety, it just like having weed on a summer day.  Dizzy and not easy, the worlds keep asking me to give up and “redha”. But not for me, I’m tired of seeing them broke down to the earth, starvation till the last nerve. Just like the pain in the ass. People feel what people feel.
Get up people, the night was a horrible night. But “I’M WONDERING”, how was about the other night was? Waste out through the wind. Cindy windy cloudy, he nor she still dreaming and loving with that bloody weedy, ‘bloody mary’. Pure mixed up cocktail , serve chill in express way.
Drink, there were drunk. Inspiration by the passions, losing the humanity ,convey by the eyes of the cloud of people, social and globalization, hidden from the truth. Can you see, the factory still transporting blood’s with the lorry.
I was wondering while I’m riding on the highway, what was the connection between three and five? At the same side of story, it still them: gold, gospel and glory. But they never realize that, the rise of the foot soldier begin that night. “it’s such a horrible night”, says them.
Now, it’s the time, to rise up, wake up and live, together restraining the power, like loving on. Smiling with the rising sun, everyday is a new day, each morning, was a new journey.  Open your eyes, and see.

" bagaimana tentera semut itu membina tembok mempertahankan keamanan kehidupannya. ingat?"
-sulaiman dan balqis, istana sekelip mata. stop that materialistic believe. ;)

   traveler, even without tyres, we'll walk. "sayang, bus ni boleh dapat sponsorship petronas x? F1 boleh, takkan bas buruk ni tak boleh? ". hehehe.. kelihatan seperti dia ingin menyepak sambil tersengih seperti basikal cabuk.

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