Friday, March 4, 2011

Equality ;)

Okay, equality is the belief that all or some people ought to be treated equally. Get it? It is about fair. Same quantity. Not less or not more. Equal. What I can see, most people around me, didn't treat their people or community equally. They love to focus more on the highest one rather than helping the lowest. Come on, open your eyes! Some people tend to help the moderate people. Give them the money, education or yet, built a new house for them. But, what about the lowest income of person? Where are the helper? Where are the money? Education?

"Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently."

You will wake up and open your eyes brightly when there is an advertisement at the tv's about there is certain people need your help. They need to survive. They need your money. They want everything. They have to educate their child to continue their study. At that time, you tend to help them. Your face are shown on the newspaper. Come on, you are a fake! You are not honest. You just want others to know you. You want to be famous. Am I right? Hello, open your eyes. We are just the same. We breathe the same air. We stand on the same earth. We hold the same wind. We are not different from each other. Only specialty makes us difference. Hey beautiful people, you have not to be arrogant to the person from lower class. One day, you will become like that. Trust me.

Do you still remember, our old generation of 20century, they are not easy to survive. They hardly work out to find money. Money to support their life. To support us, their child. Their power. For them, 20cent is quite much. They can use the 20cent to buy nasi lemak. Not for us now, we just ignoring the 20cent. We only focus to rm10 or more. Come on, if you keep the 20cent and save, it will become rm200 per month.

Ladies, gents.

Open your eyes! Treat people equally. Please.

taken from ; SEMUT

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